* Internet Centrum (Michalska 2)
* Café Online (Obchodna 48)
* Internet Te (Nam. SNP 9)
* Sony Ericsson Café (Aupark, Einsteinova 18, Petrzalka)
* Music Net Club (Halova 5, Petrzalka)

* Cajovna V Podzemi (Bernolakova 1, Venturska 9)
* Cajovna V Galerii (Michalsky dvor, Michalska ulica 3)

* Babylon (Karpatska 2)
Cool parties and concerts.
Funk, Jazz funk, deep house, 2step, and more!
* Manana Cafe Club
Plays Latin, pop, and techno and offers Latin dance lessons several times a week.
* Cirkus Barok
Unique floating nightclub on the Danube known for warm, cheery ambiance and people located at Vajanskeho nabrezie. Kitchen is open until 4am, and 6am on weekends.
* D4 (Jedlikova 9)
Fabulous gay disco club.
* Flamenco (Stefanikova 14)
Dance to latin music!
* Galeria Duna Club (Radlinskeho 11)
Hip DJs and cool rock concerts.
* Laverna (Namestie SNP 25)
Disco the night away.
* Metro Music Club (Suche myto 6)
Rock and disco all night.
* Subclub (Nabr.arm.gen. L. Svobodu)
If you like dungeons, you’ll love this spot located beneath a castle.

* Cocktail Bar Antinori (Venturska 14)
* Greenwich Time Cocktail Bar (Zelna 8)

* People’s Lounge Restaurant (Gorkeho Street 1, next to the National Slovak Theatre)
New cocktail bar situated in the heart of Bratislava. Simplicity, luxury and modern style. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet some local VIPs.
* The Dubliner
Irish Pub popular with travelers and locals alike. Believed to have had the lowest price for a pint in Guinness book of world records until a cheaper pub opened in Africa. Serves food too.
* Mamut
Old-school Slovak Beer hall with an adult-entertainment club, Moulin Rouge, upstairs.
* Mali Frantiskani (SNP 24, across from MacDonalds)
A classic underground Slovak restaurant/pub that caters to night owls, open 10pm to 6am. Serves excellent bean and cabbage soups.
* Radost (Obchodna 62)
One of the best chill-out bars in town.
* Slovak Pub (Obchondna 62)
The largest pub in town, traditional dishes, beer and more.

* Nu Spirit Bar & Lounge (Medina 16)
Serves wine, beer and herbal teas in a cellar with Indian décor. Open until 2am with DJs or live bands playing jazz, soul, nu jazz, house music 5 nights a week (for event schedule, www.nuspirit.sk).
* 17’s Bar (Hviezdoslavovo nam. 17)
Check out this cool rock bar!
* Alligator Rock Pub (Laurinska 7)
Known for rock and blues concerts. Open until 4am.
* Café Kut (Zamochicka 11)
Raggae and more!
* Café Studio (next door to Piano Bar)
Jazz club with jazz and blues concerts listed on a chalkboard out front.
* Harley Davidson Pub (Rebarborova 1/a)
A little rock-n-roll with a hint of adult entertainment, a striptease.
* Piano Bar (just down the street from The Alligator Pub, Laurinska 11)
Nice cozy place for a beer.
* El Diablo
Dance a bit, watch TV news, drink beer at this great place in the center of the city next to Dubliner Irish pub.
* Stoka (Obchodna 62)
Hosts concerts and theatre so check out dates for when you’ll be there.