There are many good restaurants in Bratislava.

Al Dente Restaurant

  • Address: Hodžovo námestie
  • Tel: 00421/2/54 64 80 57

Alize Restaurant

  • Address: Hurbanovo nám. 6
  • Tel: 00421/2/59 30 60 41

Antica Toscana

  • Address: Maďarská 27
  • Tel: 00421/2/62 85 93 07

Au Cafe Restaurant

  • Address: Tyrsovo nábrežie 12
  • Tel: 00421/2/62 52 03 55

Brasserie Opera

  • Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 3
  • Tel: 00421/2/59 39 04 00

El Gaucho Restaurant

  • Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 13
  • Tel: 00421/2/32 12 12 12

Flowers Restaurant

  • Address: Venturská 1
  • Tel: 00421/2/20 92 27 33

Impresia Restaurant

  • Address: Záhradnícka 46
  • Tel: 00421/903 808 959


  • Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 21
  • Tel: 00421/911 757 545

Le Monde

  • Address: Rybárska brána 225/8
  • Tel: 00421/2/54 41 54 11

Leberfinger Restaurant

  • Address: Viedenská cesta 257
  • Tel: 00421/2/62 31 75 90

Medusa Restaurant

  • Address: Michalská 21/A
  • Tel: 00421/2/54 64 73 44

Rambla Restaurant

  • Address: Michalská 9
  • Tel: 00421/2/32 13 13 13

Steam & Coffee

  • Address: Mýtna 1
  • Tel: 00421/2/52 45 01 70

Štefanka Restaurant

  • Address: Palisády 59
  • Tel: 00421/911 050 026

Three Musketeers Restaurant

  • Address: Sládkovičova 7
  • Tel: 00421/907 706 296

* 1st Slovak Pub
14-room restaurant and pub (each room representing different period of history) with live accordian music Tues- Fri 6-7 pm. Traditional Slovak dishes.
* Auspic Cafe
This restaurant located on the other side of the Danube River on Viedenska cesta 24 (close to UFO restaurant/New Bridge) has a good view of the Danube and Castle.
* Caribic’s
Fish and seafood
* Estremo
For Euro-modern good food, pleasant service and the right price, just take a 5-minute taxi-ride to just behind the Congress Hall Istropolis. Chic, sleek decor.
* Hotel Devin’s restaurant
French cuisine
* Hradna vinaren
Eclectic international cuisine, located inside Bratislava Castle
* Le Monde
French cuisine, steak and fish
* Leberfinger
Austro-Hungarian cuisine
* Ludwig
French cuisine, extensive selection of wines
* Medusa‎
Italian cuisine served in front, French cuisine served in rear
* Modry Dom
Located 20 minutes from downtown by taxi, on the outskirts of Bratislava in a former wine village – Vajnory (pronounce it Vine-o-ree), close to Zlate Piesky Lake and Vajnory Lake, now part of the city. After a wonderful meal and wine tasting, treat yourself to one of the best ice cream cones in Slovakia at a parlor just in front of MODRY DOM.
* Hotel Marrol’s restaurant
International and Italian cuisine, intimate and quiet setting
* Pannonia
International cuisine, large portions
* Perugia
Slovak cuisine
* Romeo & Giulette Restaurant at Hotel Danube
Authentic Italian cuisine
* SAS Carlton Radisson – Opera Brasserie
French cuisine, superb 7-course Valentine’s Day menu
* Steam & Coffee
Slovak and international cuisine. A chain of restaurants
* Sv. Hubert Restaurant at Hotel Apollo
Original Slovak and international dishes, extensive wine list
* Tarpan
Eastern European cuisine, named after wild horse that roamed Eastern & Central Europe
* Traja musketieri.
French cuisine, French Inn atmosphere

.. a piece of New York (downtown/Old Town)

* Bagel & Coffee
This fun and trendy bagel place serves up anything from a regular cream cheese bagel to a veggie one, coffee and smoothies too. Great stop for breakfast or brunch in Old Town.
* Coffee & Co
Choose from several downtown shops, Obchodna ulica 29 (close to Royko passage), Tatra Centrum (in front of the Presidential Palace), close to Charlie pub.

Cafes in Bratislava

Slovakia shares the Central European tradition of coffeehouses/cafes. In these establishments, long before Starbucks, people would gather to socialize and talk about ideas, politics, literature, art, as much as to enjoy good strong coffee (or tea) and delicious pastries. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this grand old tradition!

* Au Café
Opened in 1827 serves fine cuisine, as well as great coffee.
* Divan Café
Panská 9
* Café Café
A stylish cozy place serving breakfast in the morning and cocktails at night.
* Latino Café
Laurinska 9 in the Old Town
New cafe, no smoking permitted.
* Café Antik
Panska 2, downtown
This is a great place to come for coffee and food anytime. Choose to sit inside or outdoors.
* Schokocafé Maximilian
Coffee or hot chocolate, new, inviting interior, located on the Main Square opposite the Maximilian fountain.

Among the classic coffeehouses of Bratislava:

Café Mayer recalls the golden days of 19th c. Bratislava
T hen called Pressberg, and very much like its close neighbor, Vienna, down to the sacher torte served with coffee.

Roland Café in the Art Nouveau/Secessionist
Style bank building with one of the famous Chess Automat machines, invented by a Slovak in the late 18th century.

Tea Rooms in Bratislava

Please note: in many of these tea rooms loud talking, cell phone conversations and smoking are not permitted

Michalska 3
This quaint tea room set in a 16th centurty celler adjacent to an art gallery is located downtown.

Dobrá Cajovna
Kollárovo námestie 16
Walking distance from downtown, 2nd floor

Cajovna Pohoda
Radnicná 1, downtown
For an experience unlike anything else Michalska offers a historic 16 century celler. Tea room / gallery it is a uniqe site thats sure to please even the most skeptic.