Renting a car is sometimes the most reasonable solution for transportation. One of the advantages of hiring a car is in the perfect technical condition of cars, which allows you to enjoy the ride without worrying about car repair and tire service.

Slovakia has a relatively large number of car rental companies. Most of them are located in the capital, Bratislava, but also in other cities and towns. Services provided differ from company to company, so we recommend checking out the conditions of your chosen car rental before you order anything.

There are many different situations when you need a car, so there are 24/7 car rental services for an extra charge. Staff will present the car in the desired location, provide you with seats, snow chains, refrigerator or ski holders.

Prices for car rental vary. Some companies determine the price according to the mileage plus the amount per day, others only have a daily rental rate. It’s the driver’s responsibility to tank fuel, however some car rentals will provide you with a full tank, in this case it is expected that you give the car back also fully loaded.

There are many car brands to choose from. Favorite vehicle is the Czech brand Škoda, especially: Škoda Fabia, Škoda Octavia and Škoda Superb. Of course, you have other brands to choose from as well – Renault, Ford, Audi, Citroen, Fiat and others. You can rent a cheap car (in terms of fuel needed), but a luxury or sport car as well. All cars have the steering wheel on the left side, because on Slovak roads you ride on the right.

Car Hire at the Airport

If you need a car immediately after arriving at the airport in Bratislava or Košice, it is possible. All you need to do is to reserve a car on a particular time and the member of the car rental company will wait for you at the airport. Some car rentals providing this service will charge you extra, some do it for free. The same can be done at the airport in Vienna for approximately 32 €. This amount may differ depending on the services provided by a particular car rental.

Approximate Fees for Car Rental in Slovakia

  • Payment for mileage with the daily lump sum: from 11 € + amount for mileage – about 0.1 € per km.
  • Payment per day with unlimited kilometers: from 16 €.
  • Weekend car hire: is usually a bit cheaper.
  • Car rental for more days: the amount per day may be reduced with the larger number of days.

If you are a visitor to Slovakia, contact a car rental company that provides information and services in English to be sure that you choose according to your wishes and needs. Some car rental companies quote prices without VAT (20 %), watch out for that.

Each car rental company has other services included in the rental price. For example: toll stickers, unlimited mileage, third party liability insurance, car accident insurance or a car driving up to the chosen location.

Many companies have a system for daytime running lights in majority of their cars, because in Slovakia it is an obligation to have year-round daytime running lights.

Car Rental Companies


  • Address: Bajkalská 25, 827 18 Bratislava
  • Tel. no.: +421 948455800
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Vehicle rental and operating leasing is provided through a wide fleet of new and quality vehicles. Rental of a car is mainly oriented on companies that need to equip their employees with reliable vehicles. All vehicles are subject to regular review, properly insured and have toll tags and GPS.

  • Car brands: Audi, BMW, Ford, KIA, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Škoda, Toyota, Volkswagen
  • Price: economy class from 15 to 24 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented

TEOCAR car rental

  • Address: Hraničná 18, 821 05 Bratislava
  • Tel. no.: +421 02 / 4363 79 56
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Competitive prices. Passenger cars, commercial vehicles and minibuses. Unlimited number of km. Car delivery in Bratislava free of charge. Privileged operating leases. Here for you 24/7, tel. number 0903282881

  • Car brands: Volkswagen, Škoda, Peugeot, Mercedes, BMW, Audi
  • Price: economy class from 12 to 21 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented

Amexcar 9-seated microbus

  • Address: Dvojkrižná 49, 821 06 Bratislava
  • Tel. no.: +421 905613644
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Amexcar is a young dynamic company with a focus on lending minibuses and comfortable passenger transport. The demand is to provide a high standard confort for the clients.

  • Car brands: Mercedes
  • Price: economy class from 79 euro per day, depending on the kilometers and no. of days rented


  • Address: Pri Starej Prachárni 14, 831 04 Bratislava
  • Tel. no.: +421 915 678 456
  • Email:
  • WWW:

In addition to your duties, TAXITAX offers car rental with a driver for entertainment and relaxation, f.e. taking the Wine Road for a tasting of wines from the Small Carpathian region, a Goose feast or a variety of corporate and family events and celebrations, where you and your loved ones arrange delivery according to your individual requirements.

  • Car brands: Škoda Octavia RS, Volkswagen Golf VI
  • Price: economy class from 56 to 110 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented

MIBEL car rental

  • Address: Suvorovova 18, 010 01 Žilina
  • Tel. no.: +421 902061800
  • Email:
  • WWW:

All our vehicles are equipped with: air conditioning, ABS with brake force distribution EBS, power windows, radio with CD, central locking with remote control, trip computer.

  • Car brands: Škoda Fabia II Sport/Roomster, Kia Rio Sporty, Hyundai Accent/i30
  • Price: economy class from 25 to 70 euro per day, minimum 3 days.

EDENcars car rental

  • Address: Panónska cesta 21, 85104 Bratislava
  • Tel. no.: +421 948490480
  • Email:
  • WWW:

EDENcars car rental offers its customers short and long term car rental and operational leasing, not only in Bratislava but also in other cities of Slovakia and Europe. 24 hour car rental service at no additional cost, low prices, free car delivery in Bratislava and around, nonstop 7 days a week.

  • Car brands: Škoda, Fiat, Volkswagen
  • Price: economy class from 29 to 80 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented


  • Address: Žilinská Cesta, Lietavská Lúčka, 013 11 Žilina
  • Tel. no.: +421 905173101
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Rent a car is an effective way to save time and costs associated with maintenance of youre own car and the handling of administrative affairs of ownership of the vehicle.

  • Car brands: Audi, BMW, KIA, Peugeot, Škoda, Seat, Mitsubishi, Opel, Hyundai
  • Price: economy class from 21 to 74 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented

TATRAN Car rental

  • Address: Nálepkova 241, 059 35 Batizovce
  • Tel. no.: +421 903250255
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Car rental TATRAN was founded in 1990. From the beginning we are dealing with renting cars. Offering this service at the same address – the High Tatras in typical village in the district of Poprad Batizovce. We are near the international airport Poprad – Tatry (8 km), Poprad (9 km) with Aquacity (10 km), Starý Smokovec (9 km), Vysoké Tatry, Nízke Tatry, Pieniny, Slovenský Raj, historical towns Kežmarok, Levoča, Spišská Sobota, Bardejov…

  • Car brand: Opel
  • Price: economy class from 25 to 69 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented

BB car

  • Address: Partizánska cesta č. 81, 974 01 Banská Bystrica
  • Tel. no.: +421 907506328
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Short and long term car rental, operational leasing, passenger transport, road transport.

  • Car brands: Škoda, Opel,Volkswagen
  • Price: economy class from 17 to 40 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented

AB-Svenscar car rental

  • Address: Tomanova 70, 831 07 Bratislava
  • Tel. no.: +421 903242426
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Car rental Bratislava – AB Svenscar operating on the Slovak market since 2000and provides rental vehicles, trailers and motor vehicle operating leases (long-termcar hire). The car rental is based on a great and flexible approach to customers.

  • Car brands: Škoda, Renault, Volkswagen
  • Price: economy class from 16 to 21 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented

GA-TOUR car rental

  • Address: Jarná 2, 040 01 Košice
  • Tel. no.: +421 55/6339959
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Car rent-TOUR GA operates on the Slovak market since 1991.Theyre effort has always been and is to provide superior service.They offer the current models of Škoda. They went through a careful testing, include a full tank, the prescribed mandatory equipment, accident insurance and highway stickers.
If necessary, they bring bring vehicles to the airport, or other agreed place in Košice and vicinity.

  • Car brand: Škoda
  • Price: economy class from 24 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented

PETCAR car rental

  • Address: Dopravná 9, 040 13 Košice
  • Tel. no.: +421 903 656 020
  • Email:
  • WWW:

Car PETCAR has been on the market for 15 years. Car rental services are used by clients from all over the world. They own 35 cars that are constantly changed,all vehicles are regularly serviced and meet all technical specifications for the comfort and safety.

  • Car brands: Peugeot, Škoda
  • Price: economy class from 24 to 53 euro per day, depending on the no. of days rented