Despite of the fact that Slovakia has a small area of 49,000 sq.m., it has 5 international airports and a lot of smaller airports. More than 2,000,000 passengers fly in and out of the country yearly.

Bratislava Airport

Bratislava Airport (M. R. Štefánik) is the biggest airport in Slovakia, 9 -12 km from city centre. It provides scheduled flights, charter flights and goods flights. A significant location of the airport gives a big potential to become an entrance for whole Central Europe, not only Slovakia. Airport in Bratislava contains more elements of modern transport infrastructure that offers not only technologically advanced capacity for the airlines, but also a pleasant customer-oriented environment for passengers.

Airlines providing flights from Bratislava:

  • Aeroflot (SU) – Moscow (SVO)
  • Czech Airlines (OK) – Prague (PRG)
  • Lufthansa (LH) – Munich (MUC)
  • RyanAir (FR) – Barcelona–Gerona (GRO), Birmingham (BHX), Bremen (BRE), Bristol (BRS), Dublin (DUB), East Midlands (EMA), Edinburg (EDI), Frankfurt–Hahn (HHN), London–Stansted (STN), Milan–Bergamo (BGY), Stockholm–Skavsta (NYO)

Košice Airport

Airport in Košice is the second biggest international airport in Slovakia, located 10 km from the town Košice. Just as airport in Bratislava it provides scheduled, charter and goods flights. During last year more than 500 000 passengers flew to/from the airport of Košice.

Airlines providing flights from Košice:

Piešťany Airport

Airport in Piešťany is an international airport which provides flights for visitors and patients on skyway Piešťany-Berlin, mostly coming for thermal baths.

Poprad-Tatry Airport

Airport Poprad-Tatry is an international airport located 5 km from the town Poprad. Passangers are transported by Czech Airlines.

Airport Sliač

Airport Sliač is an international airport also used as a military basis, located 16 km from the town Banská Bystrica.

Closest International Airports outside Slovak Republic

Many visitors to Slovakia actually don’t land in Slovakia, but on other airports around Bratislava:

  • Vienna International Airport (VIE) – Schwechat (50 km from Bratislava)
  • Budapest Ferihegy Airport (BUD) – Budapest (200 km from Bratislava)
  • Prague Ruzyně Airport (PRG) – Praha (338 km from Bratislava)
  • International Airport Kraków (KRK) – Krakow (419 km from Bratislava)