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Another prosperous Spis town in the 13th-16th centuries – and chief rival to Levoca – was Kezmarok. Once bustling with craftsmen and traders, Kezmarok’s well-preserved Old Town now offers visitors its historical treasures.

What to see:

* Main street lined with burghers’ houses, built in distinctive Spis German style with wooden gables and overhanging eaves
* Renaissance style fortified palace (zamok), originally the home of local aristocrats.
* 17th c. wooden Protestant church built without nails and seating 1500 with a wooden pipe organ.
* 15th c. Catholic church, Sv. Kriz, with stunning vaulted ceiling, main altar carved by the workshop of Pavol of Levoca, and Renaissance belfry
* Large, gaudy 19th c. Protestant church

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