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The oldest continually operating gold mint in Europe, using ore from the richest gold mines in medieval Europe, is Kremnice’s claim to fame. Founded in 1320 by Hungary’s King Charles Robert, the mint still produces commemorative coins and medals.

To protect the royal mint, a castle and thick walls – still standing – were built around the town. The castle’s richly decorated church (St. Catherine’s/Sv. Katerina) has five altars covered in gold and an organ with 3500 pipes.

What to see:

* State Mint (statna mincovna)
* Museum of Coins and Medals (Muzeum minci a medajli)
Including paper money designed by famous artists, such as Alfons Mucha More info:
* Town castle (Mestske zamok) including St. Catherine’s Church
* Main square (Stefanikovo namestie)
With plague column
* Ski museum (Lyziarske museum)
The first ski race in the Austro-Hungarian empire was held near Kremnice

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