The first newspaper in Slovakia is from the period of Rákoczi Ferencz II. The establishment of the oldest newspaper, published in the Slovak region is connected with the name of the leader of the anti-Habsburg resistance. The third year of fighting (in 1705) brought the first publication of Mercurius Hungaricus, which was renamed to Mercurius Veridicus es Hungaria (truthful messenger from Hungary), in the next issue.

Today, Slovakia has many newspapers in printed version. The most important and most popular are the following.


SME logoSME is the third most widely read newspaper in Slovakia. SME journal conceptually consists of a thorough professional news service from home and abroad. SME brings analytical political commentary by reputable Slovak journalists. is the most popular online news in Slovakia. It has always the fastest news. It brings politic, economic, technology, sports, computer, cell phone and domestic news from Slovakia. The information is constantly updated.

Hospodárske Noviny – Economic Newspaper

From all the newspapers, the most space is devoted to the Slovak and foreign economy. Hospodárske noviny (Economic Newspaper) daily includes a component of Enterprises and Markets, which provides current information about what is happening in companies and important segments of the internal and world markets.

HNonline logo - Hospodárske noviny (Economic Newspaper) is a news server of Hospodárske noviny, the most widely read economic periodical in Slovakia.

Pravda – The Thruth logoPravda (The Truth) is one of the most important Slovak journal. Before 1989 it was the leading communist newspaper in Slovakia.


Trend is a weekly magazine about the economy and business, designed especially for readers working in the economic and business sphere. TREND promotes the principles of market economy and free business with minimum state intervention since its inception.

eTrend brings economic news, analyses and commentaries, also practical advice.

Nový Čas – The New Times

Č logo - Nový čas (The New Times)Nový Čas (The New Times) is the most widely read tabloid magazine in Slovakia with 1.5 million readers every day. Nový Čas is the only periodical in Slovakia, which also issues on Sunday.

Online News


Logo of TASR - Tlačová agentúra Slovenskej Republiky (Slovak Republic News Agency)TASR (Tlačová agentúra Slovenskej Republiky) is the Slovak Republic News Agency. It is a national, but independent information institution that provides service to the public with reporting news. It was created by a law.


Logo of SITA - Slovak news agencyThe Slovak news agency SITA is the largest private provider of comprehensive information services in Slovakia. It is a modern information media, based on independent news agency.


Slovak Spectator logoThe Slovak Spectator is Slovakia’s English-language newspaper. It covers local news, culture and business.

Slovakia Today

Slovakia Today logoSK Today is an online newspaper about Slovakia published in English. It covers daily news and media monitoring.

The Daily

The Daily logoThe Daily is an independent Slovak news source. writes about current affairs, politics, business, legislation, foreign affairs, sport and culture. The section called Opinion was quite interesting as it is unusual for press writing subjective articles, but unfortunately it is no longer available.


Among the first in Europe was Czechoslovakia, who began with regular broadcast of Prague station Radiojurnal in May 1923. The regular broadcast in Bratislava began in August 1926.The studio was temporary in the so-called Government building on Vajanské nábrežie street. Transmitter was placed on the roof of the Police Directorate on Špitálská street. Separate radio-studio was built later in Bratislava on Jakubovo námestie, the first building in Europe designed specifically for radio.

Slovenský Rozhlas – Slovak Radio

Slovenský Rozhlas (Slovak Radio) logoSlovenský rozhlas (Slovak Radio) is national, independent, public, informational, cultural and educational institution, which provides broadcasting for Slovak public. Currently, Slovak Radio broadcasts on 6 frequencies. Symphony Orchestra, the oldest musical ensemble in Slovakia, is an integral part of the radio.

Rádio Slovensko (Slovak Radio 1) is the informational station, whose main age group is the population in working age. Its music format is primarily focused on pop music from the 80s to the current music. Radio Slovakia is the second most widely listened radio station with 18.5 % of broadcast band listeners.

Radio Slovakia International broadcasts for a wide audience interested in Slovakia since 1993. It has 5 foreign redactions (English, German, French, Russian, Spanish), and, of course, Slovak. Each redaction prepares a 1 half-hour block in their own language.

Expres Radio

Expres Radio logoExpres Radio is a commercial radio station. Format is Adult Contemporary radio. Target group, which the radio is trying to reach are the listeners aged 20 to 40 years with moderate and higher education. Radio focuses on news and music. Dominant component is the meteorological administration and the transport service. Radio Expres is the most widely listened radio station with 22.8% of broadcast band listeners.

Fun Radio

Fun Radio logoFun Radio is a commercial radio station. The format of the radio is Contemporary Hit Radio. It is aimed to younger and advanced listener. It was based primarily on entertaining entries, but from April 2007 the major part of broadcast is not moderated. Only morning and afternoon broadcasts are moderated and most weekend broadcasts. Fun Radio is the third most widely listened radio station with 13.5% of broadcast band listeners.


The first public demonstration of television in Slovakia took place in school hall of Slovak Technical University in 1952. The first television studio in Slovakia was situated in the transmitter service building on Kamzík in Bratislava and had sizes 6 x 10 m.

Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska – Radio and Television of Slovakia

STV logo - Slovak TeleVisionRozhlas a televízia Slovenska (RTVS) is the Slovak public, national, independent, information, cultural and educational institution, which provides public broadcasting. RTVS broadcasts on two channels – the first channel is “Jednotka” and the second channel is “Dvojka”.

TV Markíza

Logo of TV MarkízaTV Markíza is the most widely watched private television, which broadcasts in Slovakia from August 1996. Currently it broadcasts 24 hours a day for 86% of Slovak citizens. The most successful program is Televízne noviny (TV News).


Logo of TV JojTV JOJ is a private television which started broadcasting in 2002. It is the second most widely watched TV in Slovakia. TV JOJ ensured a competitive environment and the overall change in television broadcasting in Slovakia. TV JOJ broadcast on the second channel called JOJ Plus from October 2008.


Logo of TV TA3TA3 is the first news channel in Slovakia. TA3 officially broadcasts from 23th of September 2001. But the special first broadcast took place already on the 11th of September in 2001 on the occasion of the attack on the World Trade Center.