Calling to Slovakia

When calling to Slovakia, use the following structure:

international prefix (+421 or 00421) + area code (see below) + local number

This means that if your partner in Bratislava has a local number 54321725, you dial +421-2-54321725. Look into the following table for other area codes:

City Area code
Bratislava 2
Dunajská Streda 31
Trenčín 32
Trnava 33
Senica 34
Nové Zámky 35
Levice 36
Nitra 37
Topolčany 38
Žilina 41
Považská Bystrica 42
Martin 43
Liptovský Mikuláš 44
Zvolen 45
Prievidza 46
Lučenec 47
Banská Bystrica 48
Prešov 51
Poprad 52
Spišská Nová Ves 53
Bardejov 54
Košice 55
Michalovce 56
Humenné 57
Rožňava 58

Mobile Phone Operators

At the moment there are three mobile operators in Slovakia: Orange Slovakia, T-Mobile Slovakia and O2.

Orange Slovakia

Orange Slovakia logoOrange Slovakia has been active in the Slovak mobile market since 27th of March 2002 (formerly Globtel) and the majority is owned by France Telecom. Orange provides services on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies. Currently, they also provide an optical connection to the Internet, digital television and fixed telephone line. Their cell phone coverage reaches 98% of the population.

T-Mobile Slovakia

T-Mobile logoT-Mobile Slovakia (formerly EuroTel Bratislava) provides mostly mobile communication services and data networks. It operates in four networks – the GSM network (in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands), a public data network VDS, analogue NMT network and 3G UMTS network. The GSM network was established in 1997 by the Swedish technology company Ericsson. The use of analogue NMT network in the Slovak Republic dates from 1991. On the 25th of February 2006, as the first mobile operator in Slovakia, T-Mobile launched the commercial operation of UMTS networks. The company’s GSM and NMT mobile networks cover approximately 99% of the Slovak Republic’s 5.4 million population.

O2 Slovakia

O2 Telefónica logoTelefónica O2 Slovakia provides mobile telephone and mobile data transmission based on GSM and UMTS. They launched their commercial operations with GSM on 2nd of February 2007; the UMTS network started running from 7th of September 2007. The two networks were built in 2006 by Nokia, a Finnish technology company. O2 covers 88% of the territory in Slovakia. Telefónica O2 Czech Republic is self-owned. Telefónica O2 Slovakia, is 69.4% share owned by Spanish Telefónica S.A.