There are 3 distinct ways how to legally stay in Slovakia:

  • Temporary Residence
  • Permanent Residence
  • Tolerated Stay

Temporary Residence

Temporary residence permit entitles the foreigner to reside in Slovakia, to travel abroad and back to Slovakia, for the time he was granted a temporary residence. Temporary residence permit is not required for a foreigner who was issued a certificate of Slovaks living abroad.

Temporary residence permit is always tied to a particular purpose. If a foreigner intends to engage in activities other than he/she had been granted temporary residence for, he/she must submit a new application for temporary residence permit, unless the Foreigners’ Act (this article) states otherwise.

A foreigner who has been granted a temporary residence for the purpose of business, employment, special activities, family reunification or army duties, may study during this temporary residence.

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Permanent Residence

The residence permit entitles the foreigner to reside in Slovak Republic, make trips abroad and return to the territory of Slovakia in a time within the police department granted a permanent residence to him.

The police will accord a permission for the residence permit based on request for five years for first time (the initial approval). By the second request the police department will grant an open ended permission for a permanent residence permit (called additional authorization).

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Tolerated Stay

Tolerated residence is given by the police department to the foreigner if:

  • there is an obstacle to deportation,
  • they were provided with temporary shelter,
  • if the travel is not possible and ensure it is not expedient
  • minor child who is found on the territory of Slovakia,
  • who is the victim of a crime related to human trafficking, if he is under 18; Enforcement officer or the person appointed by Home office shall notify the foreigner of the possibilities and conditions for granting the stay of tolerance for this reason and the rights and obligations arising therefrom, or
  • if it requires respect for his private and family life.

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EU Citizens and EEA Family Members

Since Slovakia joined the EU there is a special legal regime for EU citizens and their families.

Stay of citizen who is a member of the European Economic Area and intends to reside in Slovak Republic for more than three months, the first residence permit is appliable if:

  • employed,
  • runs a business,
  • studying at school in Slovak Republic and has the financial means to provide health insurance and residence in Slovakia,
  • has financial resources to provide health insurance and residence in the Slovak Republic or
  • he has a presumption of an employment.

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Administration Fees

Here are the administration fees related to applying for Slovak residence:

  • Request for authorization for temporary stay of foreigners in order to:
    1. run a business – 232,- €,
    2. employment – € 165.50,
    3. seasonal jobs – 33,- €,
    4. studies and activities under special programs – € 99.50,
      family reunion – € 132.50,
    5. their duties arising from civilian components of the armed forces – 66,- €.
  • First application for a residence permit – € 165.50.
  • Application for renewal of a temporary stay of foreigners in order to:
    1. business – € 132.50,
    2. employment – € 99.50,
    3. seasonal employment – € 16.50,
    4. study and the specific activity – 33,– €,
    5. family reunion – 66,- €,
    6. their duties arising from civilian components of the armed forces – 33,- €.
  • Application for a residence permit for an unlimited time – € 165.50.
  • Issuance of proof of residence document – € 4.50.
  • Issuance of proof of residence to replace lost, destroyed, damaged or stolen documents – € 6.50.
  • Application for a tolerated stay – € 99.50.
  • Request for extension of tolerated stay – 33,- €.
  • Confirmation of the foreigners being in the Slovak Republic – 3,- €.
  • Foreigners Passport issue – 33,- €.
  • Foreigners passport issue 5 to 15 years – 13,- €.
  • Passport issue for foreigner younger than 5 years – 8,- €.

Relief: Some under sixteen years olds are exempts of paying some fees (other exemptions specified in Act No. 145/1995 Coll. On administrative fees).

Authorization: The administrative authority may remove or reduce the fee charge of humanitarian grounds or because of reciprocity. The department may make a charge for issuing proof of residence to replace lost, destroyed, damaged or stolen documents up to four times the rate if it is issued for the second time, possibly several times within one year after the previous document.