Tolerated residence granted by the Foreign Police department:

  • if there is an obstacle to deportation,
  • they were provided with temporary shelter,
  • if the travel is not possible and ensure it is not expedient
  • minor child who is found on the territory of Slovakia,
  • who is the victim of a crime related to trafficking with human beings, if at least 18 years; authority law enforcement or the person appointed by the Ministry of the Interior shall notify the foreigner of the possibilities and conditions for granting the stay of tolerance for this reason and the rights and obligations arising therefrom, or
  • if it requires respect for his private and family life.

The tolerated stay is the period of custody or periods of imprisonment, this does not apply if the foreigner residing lawfully in the territory of the Slovak Republic. The tolerated stay is considered the maximum period of 90 days after filing the written request of the foreigner voluntary departure, or until the withdrawal of this request, do not apply if a foreigner is detained or is entitled to reside in the territory of the Slovak Republic Act on Asylum.

The police grant the request of foreigner residence permit for tolerated stay up to 180 days under the facts giving rise to its award. The police department issues to the applicant on the date of the request confirmation of receipt if the Foreigner Act provides otherwise.

The police tolerated stay may be extended repeatedly, while it is obliged to consider whether the reasons for which the foreigner was allowed, still persist. To this end, the foreigner is entitled to require proof of travel barriers.

During the validity of the permit for tolerated stay foreigner can not enter into business and employment relationships or similar working relationship. Prohibition of entering into an employment relationship or similar employment relationship does not apply to a foreigner:

  • Has been granted temporary refuge,
  • Has been granted a permit for tolerated stay, because it requires respect for his private and family life;
  • Has been extended permit for tolerated stay in the statutory case.

If the reason for which tolerated stay was granted, the foreigner shall so notify the police within 15 days from when he/she learned of this fact. The police department revokes a permit for tolerated stay and also determines the foreigner a reasonable time to travel, more than 30 days after the final decision if it finds that the reason for which was granted tolerated stay, disappeared.

If the foreigner was granted tolerated stay on the ground

  • The existence of obstacles to deportation or
  • That his departure is not possible and ensure it is not advisable or
  • The minor child found on the territory of the Slovak Republic or
  • It requires respect for his private and family life;

tolerated stay permit shall lapse if such foreigner has applied for asylum or subsidiary protection or he was granted a temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit in the Slovak Republic. Tolerated stay permit is granted to a foreigner who was granted a temporary shelter.