Not all sports are about physical strength and speed. The proof of this is a sport where qualities like relaxation, losing oneself in the beauty of the surrounding nature meet with building new friendships… We are talking about golf, a sport which not even by far can be counted among sports for the masses but because of its characteristics it is earning ever more popularity with each passing day.

Sound Body, Sound Soul

A golfer plays golf all the time out in the fresh air, far from the city smog and noise, breathing fresh air in the close vicinity of woods and while doing sport he is having a pleasant relaxing experience at the same time. All this earns golf the distinction of being counted among one of the healthiest sports ever played. Although, it is not deemed as a particularly physically demanding sport but for all that it demands a lot of concentration, logical and strategic thinking, a very good assessment and accuracy.

A golfer must have a lot of perseverance and remain calm throughout, which makes golf one of the most psycho-physically challenging games. A golfer has to often battle even with the weather as it may well be the only game which is played in all kinds of weather. In fact, the rules of the game themselves decree that “unfavourable weather conditions are not a reason to interrupt an ongoing game”, the only exception being storms, of course. These great possibilities for body, soul and mind result in making golf a unique experience and given half a chance, it can easily become a lifelong passion.

Pleasant Way of Establishing New Contacts

Golf is one of the few sports, which is open for all age categories and doesn’t necessarily demand a lot of regular practice or top physical condition from the player. One of the specific characteristics of this sport is that the golfers have the possibility to play in a team regardless of their level or age. In teams thus formed, the end result can be pleasantly unexpected. Moreover, during the game, the weaker players have the opportunity of learning and getting inspiration from their more experienced team-mates. But what is equally important is that the golfers get the opportunity to get to know each other, establish friendships as well as further friendly business relations, to talk about business and all this in friendly and open atmosphere of sports, away from the usual working environment.

Golf in Slovakia

Golf is becoming evermore popular in Slovakia, proof of which is the growing number of golf courses. Until recently there was only one 18-hole golf course in Tále. Now in addition, there are two new golf courses, one in Veľká Lomnica and the other in Bernolákovo. Since 15th March 2008 WELTEN GOLF CLUB has started operating a new 9-hole golf course called GC Welten in Báč, which is one of its kind in Slovakia and the neighbouring region, because apart from a landscaped terrain it also offers the possibility to hit the ball in two different directions.

Golf Courses in Slovakia:

Grey Bear Tále
Black Stork Veľká Lomnica
Golf and Country Club Bratislava – Bernolákovo
Spa Golf Piešťany
Tatranský golfový klub
Golf Club Welten

Golf Clubs in Slovakia:

  • Association of Junior Slovak Golfists (Asociácia juniorských golfistov Slovenska)
  • Association of non-Club Golfists (Asociácia mimoklubových golfistov)
  • Association of Senior Slovak Golfists (Asociácia seniorských golfistov Slovenska)
  • Eagle Golf Club
  • Full Swing Indoor Golf Club
  • Golf Club Elán Čierna Voda
  • Golf Club Pegas
  • Golf and Country Club Bratislava – Bernolákovo
  • Golf and Country Club Hron
  • Golf Club Prešov
  • Golf Club Welten
  • Golf Club Agama
  • Golf Club Alpinka Košice
  • Golf Club Tále
  • Lomnický Golf Club
  • Pressburg Golf Club
  • Professional Slovak Golf Association (Profesionálna golfová asociácia Slovenska)
  • First Golf Club of Žilina (Prvý žilinský golfový klub)
  • Slovak Women Golf Association (Slovenská dámska golfová asociácia)
  • Spa – Golf Club Piešťany
  • Tatranský Golf Club
  • Žilinsko-rajecký Golf Club