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Vlkolinec is the only inhabited village in Slovakia wholly untouched by modern development and provides a glimpse of what everyday life was like in traditional settlements of central Slovakia. The 45 log houses (with outhouses) from the 16-19th centuries, a log bell tower and functioning covered well for drinking water are all in use by the 20 residents. UNESCO judged it to be the best-preserved grouping of traditional housing in the entire Carpathian region (this includes Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania). There is also a museum within one of the buildings.

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  1. cheung yuet chow April 6, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    is there accommodation at Vlkolinec? can we live in those heritage wooden houses?
    we ll take public transport from Bratislavia to Vlkolinec, is this place easily accessible ?

    [Reply] replies:

    Yes, there is accommodation in Vlkolínec:
    But you can’t live in the heritage wooden challets.
    You have to travel from Bratislava to Ružomberok about 3,5 hours by train. And in Ružomberok you can take a bus to Vlkolinec. It is easily accessible.


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